Artist Statement as of 5/2015

Artist Statement
Athena Taylor
Athena believes she is an artistic conduit for the cosmic creative spirit in the universe. By expressing a vision that arises from her unconscious through the medium of abstract expressionist oil painting, she hopes to articulate a timeless, universal vision while also reflecting the Gestalt* of our modern era. She also hopes to reflect her own personal biographical experience as a fifth generation California native living in Northern CA. 
The artist especially wants to show her deep love of art and joy in the creative process. This desire was inspired by her travels around the world, studies as a painting major at The San Francisco Art Institute – SFAI, and MA in the psychology of art. 

If you are interested in reading her MA thesis on art go to URL:

* Gestalt concepts can be used to shed light on concepts in the arts, social psychology, personality, political behavior, ethics, and the nature of truth.


– The Editors of Encyclopedia Brittanica (2014)


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